November 1, 2008

please change!!!

The guy’s over fashion!!! kenapa mesti dikaitkan dengan “Gay”…if the guys over fashion, they alls will start labeling the guy is “Gay”. For me it’s wrong because kita lom mengenali mereka. cuba lah kita merapatkan diri kepada mereka…mereka tak begitu…kata pepatah melayu “tak kenal maka tak cinta”. Why??? Any have problem when the guy over fashion…

Sometimes, maybe I will touch when they all thinking about that because I juge seorang yang kuat berfesyen, but I’m not gay. For me fashion it’s not for gay, but for all, why when the guys over fashion, she/he thinking about sad… =(

Try to look for this aspect, when the Malay guys use the scarf at the neck or serban haji in Malay language, someone must think the guy is gay…it’s the big mistake for your alls coz thinking like that, why??? You’re all kenal ker lelaki itu sampai they all labeling him like that, inilah melayu!!! Why the Malay people can’t moving forward if they alls think like that...please lah don’t think like that, please change the perspective you’re all. I pun melayu, so if you’re all want to moving forward, please change…

Sometimes I feel very sad with my race, why you’re all to be like that??? Why??? Please deleting form you’re mind about this, we can success if we change the mind. looking the people China , they all not ever think like that, “selamba pop ye-ye” je diorang nak guna apa saje. Sometimes they all (Malay) say, “itu mereka, kita lain” different??, they all pun orang, kita pun orang..same right?, so the different what?, if they all can do it, why not we can do it right???…please lah…the world moving forward very far from we…sedih dowk..

Also same with the cutting hair, org cina nak gunting any fashion, can je… any have they all say “you’re like are sissy”, if the Malay, kalo gunting ikut fashion cikit, cakap macam bapuk lah. Sometimes, I can’t understand the Malay perfective looking. The world already moving forward, please change!!! please! please! and please!...ok..

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